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How to Be Creative

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Why is this book free?

First things first, I guess I am a little crazy. Second thing is... I have a hidden agenda. I am making this book available for free because I want one of three things to happen. 

Feedback. tell me it is sh*t and where I can make it better

Questions. more questions mean I can design training programs in the future. 

Sharing. If you like it, share with someone else. I won't get mad. 


Want to Learn How to Be Creative?

In this book, you'll learn exactly that. Not only does the author delve into the nature of creativity and how we develop as creative beings, but you'll also learn particular ways you can explore your own creativity. By the end of the book, you will be both inspired and challenged to use the tools and tips within the book to unlock all that is within you.

A Breakdown of the Book's Content

Law begins the book by explaining what it means to live creatively. He delves into some of the personality questions that are often associated with the topic, affirming and rebutting several of the most widely agreed upon ideas.

The book then continues into action steps. How can you explore ways in which you might be artistic or ways in which you would enjoy creating? These topics get you thinking.

More Details

Though the book is short and gets to the point, it hits on all kinds of topics in a short time. These include topics about what kind of tools you can use to creatively develop and what kind of tools you can use to share your talents with others. In the book, you will also find:

  • Why risk is important as you are getting started in anything new
  • What to do to find inspiration when you lack ideas and come up blank
  • Online tools that can be used to develop in this area
  • Why criticism is important as you begin sharing your creations
  • Specific websites that have been built with creatives in mind
  • How creative thinking can be used in all kinds of areas of life

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How to Be Creative

0 ratings